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Lwhv9uq7sjmi5qhc48ku front cover  building a christian community of friends four practical lessons on biblical friendship in the old testament

Building A Christian Community Of Friends Mastermind On Old Testament Friendships

Building A Christian Community Of Friends is a thorough study of the Bible and what God says concerning Biblical friendship in the Old Testament. There are some parts of this course and book that may prove to be too lengthy for some readers. Remember, the goal for study is not to see how much you can read, but to learn as much as you can—study at your own pace, as the Lord leads you.

What you'll get:

  • At the beginning of each lesson is a notable quote and a key Scripture reference.
  • Each lesson includes a useful Illustrative Introduction to set up the thrust of the idea being conveyed. 
  • The Bible is filled with examples of friendship between men and God and between men and men. In this study, we are going to learn about these four unique friendships and how they apply to us.
  • Some lessons include opportunities for the reader to write his or her own Personal Application of significant portions of Scripture. This exercise is a great learning tool in how to develop one’s devotional life. This exercise should never be rushed but done in such a way where a person can “listen” to what God is saying to them from His Word.
  • Practical questions, “Things To Ponder,” are interspersed throughout each lesson. The reader will receive the full benefit of the material if sufficient time is spent pondering what is being read.
  • Within each lesson is a section we are calling “Apply This Truth: An Exercise In Friendship.” This is the “doing” part of the lesson where the reader is encouraged to put into action what he or she has learned and feels God’s leading to do.
  • Each lesson is unpacked with Key Points detailed in outline form with plenty of practical, easy to understand commentary.
  • A Lesson Outline is provided in order to give a quick overview of what is to come.

MayMester: Each new lesson is available by Monday night by 8:00EST on May 4, 11, 18, 25--2020

Building A Christian Community of Friends Mastermind on OT Friendships

In this course, you are given biblical examples of friendship. Four practical lessons are given in order to help instruct the course participant to study and reflect upon the friendship between Abraham and God (a friendship that impacted future generations), between Moses and God (a friendship that liberated God’s people from slavery to freedom to worship Him), between David and God (a friendship that endured heartbreak and failure), and between David and Jonathan (a friendship that transcended obstacles).

Class participation fee: $30.00 / PDF download for the course book $10.00

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